The BMW brand is one of the most iconic in the world. According to Nashville’s GPO Tuning (German Performance Options), the area’s premier BMW service provider, this automobile manufacturer makes some of the best cars on the planet. But, although BMW has technically been around since World War I, current owners may not know everything there is to know about this German import manufacturer.

Here are 10 facts to think about as you drive around town in your Bimmer

1. BMW originally made engines for aircraft.

If you have ever wondered why your BMW felt so smooth as you crank the ignition, it is probably because the company has nearly 100 years of experience building engines. BMW service experts from GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) explain that BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, was originally launched to fill an aircraft engine shortage during World War I. After the war, the company decided to use its mechanical knowledge, equipment, and workforce to make motorcycles and, later, vehicles.

2. The first BMW automobile was sold in 1929.

In just nine years, BMW as we know it today turns 100. The company released its first vehicle, the Dixi, in 1929, after BMW acquired Automobilwerk Eisenach. Unfortunately, there are very few of these original cars on the road, and the BMW service center says it is a rare treat to get under the hood of a Dixi.

3. BMWs headquarters in Germany was modeled after a BMW engine.

If you ever get a chance to visit the BMW headquarters, you may notice that the building’s design looks strangely familiar. That is because the architect that designed that made sure that it connected with the products it manufactured. The HQ building looks like a four-cylinder engine. Located in Munich, the expansive tower was declared a historic and protected landmark in 1999.

4. The M1 was almost a joint effort with Lamborghini.

When you see an M1 in the parking lot of the BMW service center, you should know what you are really looking at. According to GPO Tuning(German Performance Options), this vehicle, which was built in the 1970s, was originally a collaboration with Italian automaker Lamborghini. Unfortunately, Lambo pulled out at the last minute, citing financial woes.

5. The BMW logo is not what you think.

Have you ever looked at the BMW logo and thought that it looked like a spinning propeller? If so, you are not alone. However, the iconic blue and white circle is not in homage to its roots in the airplane business. Instead, it is simply meant to pay tribute to the Bavarian flag.

6. BMW service centers might have to perform kidney surgery.

Okay, so BMW mechanics at our Nashville shop are not surgeons. But they may have to remove the kidney – a kidney grille that is. This is the official name of BMWs iconic and distinctive grille, which was first released on the BMW 303 in 1933.

7. BMW has been making electric cars since 1972.

Electric vehicles are not an advent of the 2010s. BMW has been making them since 1972. You can not be faulted, however, for not knowing this electrifying fact. The so-called “innovative” vehicle lost steam quickly since it only lasted for about 20 minutes per charge. But never fear, Nashville drivers can trust GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) for BMW service on their i3, the adorable electric sedan that, according to BMW, transforms every day into an adventure.

8. BMW once built the fastest motorcycle in the world.

The year was 1937, and its top speed was 173.7 mph. Even by modern standards, this aerodynamic wonder makes our head spin. With a supercharged engine, the 1937 BMW motorcycle was one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road.

9. BMW also makes Rolls-Royce.

There are really only a handful of vehicle manufacturers. BMW is one of the top ones, however, and is also responsible for two of Britain’s most popular luxury vehicles, Rolls-Royce and Mini.

10. BMW manufactures more than 1 million vehicles each year.

At about 1.4 million cars rolling off the production line, it is no wonder that the demand for BMW service is so high. The vehicle has become popular in Nashville in recent years, and with more than 100,000 employees worldwide and a factory right next door in South Carolina, Music City is sure to see more of these amazing vehicles on the roads in the years to come.

GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) offers expert BMW service for drivers in the Nashville area. To see our capabilities for yourself, visit us at 1227 Lebanon Pike.

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