Listen closely and you will hear the collective sigh of children throughout Music City as their long break comes to an end. But, just because school is back in session does not mean that summer is over. The heat may last well into October, and it is up to you to stay up-to-date on your warm-weather car care routine. Audi service in Nashville means paying attention to everything from your AC to the debris on the hood.

Here are six things the experts from GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) say you should do if you want to keep your import out of harm’s way as temperatures hover at the 90° mark and above.

  1. Check and change the air filter.

An air filter is an essential piece of equipment that allows your vehicle to operate at its very best. Proper Audi service in Nashville means having your air filter checked each time you have your oil changed. A clogged air filter not only affects the performance of your vehicle but also allows allergens and other undesirable airborne particles to swirl around you as you drive. Confirm that your preferred service provider uses genuine OEM Audi parts.

  1. Keep your car clean.

The carwash does more than preserve your vehicle’s appearance, it can actually extend the life of your paint. Regularly having your vehicle washed and detailed inside and out can reduce the effects of salt, bug guts, and grime and reduce bacteria on the steering wheel, dashboard, and seats. Furthermore, you have a much better chance of arriving at your destination safely when your windows are clean and not obstructed by unsightly dirt.

  1. Invest in a sunshade.

Ask any provider of Audi service in Nashville, and they will tell you that a $10 sunshade is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. This simple piece of reflective material reduces ultraviolet radiation, which can damage and fade your vehicle’s interior. And if that is not enough to convince you, just remember that hot leather seats, the summer sun, and shorts are a painful combination.

  1. Understand how heat affects your battery.

Dead batteries are not just an annoyance in the winter. The heat is an even more dangerous adversary to your vehicle’s power core and can lead to evaporated battery fluid and internal damage. This will quickly result in the need for a new battery. Anytime you receive Audi service in Nashville during the summer, ask your technician to check your battery.

  1. Have your coolant system flushed.

Your car works even harder to keep your engine cool when temperatures are high. But, a quick coolant and antifreeze flush and fill may help you prevent an unwelcome overheating experience. Book your Audi service in Nashville today by calling GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) at 615.392.5514 or schedule online at

  1. Inspect your AC.

One of the worst feelings you can get in the summer is to turn on the air only to realize that your car has become a convection oven. Considering that your vehicle’s interior can heat up to a much hotter temperature than the outside air, this can become a dangerous situation fast. If you notice your air conditioner is having trouble helping you beat the heat, it’s time to head in for AC service from your trusted factory-trained technician at GPO Tuning(German Performance Options).

GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) offers Audi service in Nashville and has been caring for German imports in Music City since 2003. Schedule a summer tune-up today and drive worry-free. 


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