If you are looking for Audi service or repair in Nashville, look no further than GPO Tuning(German Performance Options). From basic oil changes to full-scale engine build, replace and repairs, GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) has you — and your Audi — covered.

What does it take to keep a high-end German car on the road? It starts with making sure your vehicle undergoes regular maintenance. In addition to an oil change and tire rotation, the Audi repair shop in Nashville notes that this might include:

  • Changing the brake fluid every 30,000 miles. This is typically once every three years for a daily-driven vehicle. In between these times, you’ll know your front pads or rotors need attention when the signal light turns red. The rear brakes are not usually connected to a sensor, however, and will make a metal-on-metal sound or feel shaky while braking when they need attention.
  • Identifying issues with suspension and steering. Your steering system is great at letting you know when it needs attention. The wheel bearings, for example, will emit a humming sound at low speeds when they begin to degrade. If your vehicle feels hard to control, contact GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) ASAP for expert Audi repair. Your Nashville mechanic might also suggest having the power steering fluid flushed and replaced, especially during the heat of the summer, which can cause this fluid to break down faster than in an Audi driven in cooler temperatures. 
  • Replacing the components of and near the timing belt while they are easily accessible. Your mechanic or vehicle owner’s manual can tell you when the timing belt needs service. Save yourself some money and time by asking to have other parts inspected and/or replaced while the belt is being evaluated. Seals, o-rings, and the snub mount are all easily changeable during this Audi service. In Nashville, the experts at German Performance Options suggests other preventative maintenance actions that you can knock out now so you don’t have to make an unnecessary trip to the shop later while saving you money.  
  • Changing the transmission fluid between 40,000and 60,000 miles. The transmission fluid should be checked when you have your brake fluid changed. If you are a heavy footed driver, you probably want to have this swapped at the same time. Less aggressive driving means you may be able to have the transmission fluid changed every other time you have the brake fluid renewed. Getting on a schedule and syncing your service can help ensure nothing goes unmaintained and lessens the chance of needing extensive Audi repair. Keep in mind that in Nashville, most downtown drivers will need the transmission fluid change at shorter intervals because of the stop-and-go conditions.  

You want your car to run like new for as long as possible. But that means investing in changing out the fluids and inspecting the internal parts that keep it going. By making maintenance a priority, you protect yourself against the cost of preventable Audi repair. Nashville’s German Performance Options can help you set a schedule so you know what to expect at each visit maintenance interval.

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