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Our Services

We fully service and warranty our work on all types of major European brands.

European Auto Repair

GPO Tuning specializes in auto repairs for all German luxury brands. Ensure that your car is well taken care of; never take your car anywhere but GPO Tuning.

European Vehicle Maintenance

Make sure that your car is always in tip-top shape by keeping the cars recommended maintenence schedule. GPO Tuning’s specialists can help make sure nothing goes unnoticed.

European Performance Tuning

Looking for an upgrade? Car in need of some special care? Look no further than GPO Tuning. Our team of specialists can get your car performance ready.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes on a German vehicle is vital for maintaining reliability and extending the vehicle’s lifespan. German vehicles, especially those equipped with turbocharged or supercharged engines, require frequent oil changes due to increased stress and heat generated by these systems. Fresh oil lubricates the engine components, reducing friction, heat, and wear. By maintaining a regular oil change schedule, we recommend every 5,000 miles, owners can ensure proper engine performance, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced risk of costly repairs. Don’t underestimate the impact of routine oil changes; they are a simple yet effective way to protect your German vehicle and enhance its longevity.


Alignments help to achieve optimal handling, tire wear, and overall performance of your vehicle’s suspension system. An alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels to meet manufacturer specifications. 

Signs that your vehicle may need an alignment include: uneven tire wear, pulling to one side, steering wheel vibration, or a noticeable drift while driving straight.

Specialty alignments can be performed for specific models or performance vehicles, fine-tuning suspension settings for enhanced handling and cornering capabilities. At GPO, we use Hunter Alignment Racks, which are widely regarded as the best in the industry due to their advanced technology and precision.

Diagnosis / Inspections

At German Performance Options, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to prevent unnecessary repair costs. Our expert technicians specialize in European automotive diagnosis and inspections, ensuring that potential issues are identified early on. Through comprehensive inspections, we thoroughly assess the condition of the vehicle, providing valuable insights to our customers. Trust German Performance Options for reliable diagnosis, thorough inspections, and transparent recommendations, ultimately saving you money and providing peace of mind.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI) are especially beneficial, giving prospective buyers a detailed report on the overall condition of the vehicle they intend to purchase. By uncovering any hidden problems, we help our customers make informed decisions and avoid expensive repairs down the line. 

Wheel and Tire Services

At GPO, we offer a range of tire services to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance and safety. Our skilled technicians provide professional wheel balancing and rotating services, which help eliminate vibrations and uneven wear, promoting a smoother and more comfortable ride. Additionally, we specialize in tire installations, utilizing industry-leading equipment to mount and balance your new tires with precision. Whether you need a routine tire rotation or it’s time for new tires, GPO has you covered.

We’re European Automotive Experts

We typically receive 3-4 dealership referrals per week

Our Shop’s Location


  1. Get on I-65 N from Murfreesboro Rd.
  2. Continue on I-65 N to Nashville.
  3. Take Exit 212 from I-40 E.
  4. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.


  1. Get on TN-386 S from Main St.
  2. Follow TN-386 S to Rundle Ave.
  3. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.


  1. Get on I-40 E from Coley Davis Rd.
  2. Follow I-40 E to Rundle Ave.
  3. Take Exit 212 from I-40 E.
  4. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.


  1. Get on I-65 N from Church St E.
  2. Follow I-65 N & I-40 E to Rundle Ave.
  3. Take Exit 212 from I-40 E.
  4. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.

What Our Customers Have to Say

I’ll never let anyone but GPO touch my A4 again. – Stephen P.
They provided the best experience I have ever had when it comes to car repair. They know what they are doing, and they are honest and operate in a timely fashion. – James H
I might keep loyal to VW so that I can stay a customer at GPO…Consistent people, consistent work, consistently happy with my car. – Sarah K.
The people who work here are GENUINELY kind and honest! – Liz P.
If you have a German car and you love your car as much as I do this is the ONLY place to go. – Ryan G

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