German Performance TuningFor more than 17 years, GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) has been helping Nashville car-lovers get the most out of their European vehicles. With an extensive selection of tuning service, the experts at this Music City auto shop can take a European car and make it hum like it was built to. But more than just speed, tuning a vehicle can enhance its appearance and safety.

What is tuning?

Tuning is the process by which a vehicle is modified beyond manufacturer capabilities. While this is usually associated with street racing, the truth is that most drivers simply want a more enjoyable experience. People who have their vehicles tuned often do so for the pure and unbridled pleasure of driving and owning a luxury vehicle.

There are many different ways to elevate the automotive experience. The most common are tuning upgrades that affect the street performance, speed, and responsiveness of the vehicle. As a shop offering Audi repair in Nashville (as well as other luxury, German-brand automobiles), GPO can handle these types of upgrades and more on street-legal and track-only cars. Further, the state-of-the-art garage offers maintenance services to ensure performance improvements remain at peak.

Performance tuning services

GPO offers a virtually endless line-up of repair and upgrade services for Mini, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen owners. A few of the performance solutions available at GPO include:

  • Transmission — Transmission upgrades can help reduce gear changing time and provides increased acceleration capabilities. A performance clutch works in conjunction with the transmission system to ensure the vehicle is better able to utilize the increased horsepower and torque.
  • Fuel injection — Fuel injection enhancements increase a vehicle’s propulsion and power. They work by maximizing the amount of fuel delivered to the engine’s combustion chamber; when combined with a performance fuel pump, a fuel injection system may increase fuel efficiency.
  • Turbocharger boosts — Turbocharger modification can safely and effectively add horsepower and increase fuel pressure.
  • Exhaust — An aftermarket exhaust reduces back pressure and can enhance the performance and aesthetics of a vehicle. Depending on the type of parts added, a performance exhaust can alter the way the vehicle sounds during acceleration.
  • Suspension Upgrades — Most vehicles were not designed to handle the bumps and lumps of the pothole-riddled roads (I’m looking at you, I-440!). An upgraded suspension will work to absorb shock and dampen vibration. Adding stiffer springs and new shock absorbers will also ensure the structure doesn’t stress under the added pressure and weight from other upgrades.

GPO’s staff of mechanics and service consultants rely on their collective years of experience and that of the shop’s tuning partners, which includes APR, GIAC, Malone and Active Autowerks.

More than just performance, auto-tuning can increase comfort and visual appeal.

GPO is a local leader in German car performance tuning and upgrades, vehicle maintenance, including Volkswagen repair in Nashville and the surrounding areas. With a staff of highly-trained and passionate automotive enthusiasts, no one takes better care of Middle Tennessee’s import autos.

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