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European Performance Tuning in Nashville, TN

So, you’ve bought a European car and it’s not quite performing the way you want it. Oftentimes, European cars are built with the destination in mind and many cars bound for North America are programmed to reduce power. This is a significant difference when you compare it to their Euro counterparts. A tune rectifies this difference.

Traditionally, for many cars, it can seem like extracting more power and pushing the performance envelope can be an expensive endeavor. And often times, the results are mediocre at best. However, the good news is that later model European cars can often have both increased power and performance with a simple software tune.

How Performance Tuning Works

First, we discuss your tuning goals and help decide what types of modifications should be made. Based on the type and condition of the car and, of course, your budget, there are plenty of options to choose from. Every change made to your car should be considered carefully. That’s where we come in to help ensure you get the right upgrade for you and your car.

There are a number of ways that we accomplish your upgrade goals. For example, reflashing the car’s computer can allow for more air and fuel results in the increased power. Additionally, more traditional options such as intake and exhaust upgrades increase the enjoyment of your car. Suspension upgrades can also enhance your driving experience and enjoyment, as can brake upgrades.

No matter your car’s make or model, our professionals can get the job done. Whether you’re looking for Audi repair, Porsche repair, or VW repair in Nashville or surrounding cities, let German Performance Options take care of performance tuning for you.

What Are the Limits of Performance Tuning?

Please note, there are rules. We will not perform any upgrades that are not street legal (unless it’s obviously a track-only car). For all upgrades, we require a brief discussion so that we can better understand your goals. This is simply to make sure that the upgrades will meet your expectations. Lastly, we will not install or consult on any sub-standard equipment. Going fast is fun – as is improved handling and shorter stopping distances – but it must be both safe and legal.

You’ve made an important investment in your European car. Now, you’re looking for some serious upgrades. At GPO Tuning (German Performance Options), we specialize in improving your car’s performance in a safe and reliable way.

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GPO’s Authorized Performance Tuning Vendors

Integrated Engineering
034 Motorsports
Active Autowerke
Dinan Motorsport

Performance Upgrades for German Vehicles

Performance Tuning

Performance Tunes for Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are a quick and simple way to gain power without the need for much hardware most of the time. Depending on your vehicle, it may be as simple as flashing a tune on the ECU without the need for any other additional parts. You can expect to gain a significant amount of power from a simple tune on both turbo charged and supercharged vehicles.

Stage 1 tunes are the most conservative way to gain power. Most of the time, stage 1 tunes increase horsepower and torque without risking reliabiliy, but this is dependent on the tune you choose and how well the vehicle is maintained.

Supporting Performance Part Upgrades

Most performance tunes past stage 1 require additional hardware to ensure your vehicle performs consistently and reliably. Some of the parts commonly recommended include:


  • Performance Air Intake
  • Upgraded Intercooler
  • Downpipe
  • Upgraded Spark Plugs
  • Upgraded Fuel Systems (Injectors, Fuel Pump)
  • Performance Brakes (Rotors, Pads, Brake Lines)
  • Performance Exhaust System
Suspension Upgrades

Upgrading your suspension can be one of the most significant improvements not only for the looks of a vehicle, but for the way it handles and feels when driving. There are many options when it comes to suspension upgrades. Here are a few of the more common choices:


  • Performance Coilover System
  • Lowering Springs
  • Upgraded Shocks
  • Lowering Links (for air-ride vehicles)
  • Air Suspension

Our Performance Tuning Partners

  • APR | APR (Audi Performance and Racing) is indisputably the largest name in the American Volkswagen/Audi tuning scene.
  • Integrated Engineering (IE) | Integrated Engineering provides high quality tunes and parts for both Audi and Volkswagen.
  • 034 Motorsports | 034Motorsport is the Audi and Volkswagen enthusiast’s premier destination for performance parts, tuning, and service.
  • Active Autowerke | Active Autowerke is a premier BMW tuning company that offers performance tuning and hardware.
  • Dinan Motorsport | Founded in 1979, Dinan is well established as North America’s premiere BMW tuner. Dinan develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive line of high-performance products and systems
  • Malone Tuning | Malone Tuning is the leader in diesel tuning services.

Performance Tuning

We are the shop you need when you need it! We were founded in 2003 and since then, German Performance Options has quickly become Nashville’s favorite European Car performance shop. This is largely because of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of technical excellence while working hand in hand with our customer to give them exactly what they are looking for. Our technicians are all factory trained, ASE certified, and combined have over 100 years of experience. Here at GPO, we offer a complete suite of repair, maintenance, and performance tuning services for all European automobiles. Above all, GPO is always friendly, and always honest with our customers.

Maintenance is often overlooked with it comes to your vehicle but it is the most important thing you can do for your car. If maintenance is overlooked, it could cost you much more in the long run. All cars have a schedule that is recommended by the manufacturer. This schedule could potentially prevent many costly repairs. Most of the newer cars are advanced enough to actually warn you when there may be some type of service due for the vehicle. Audi’s are incredible vehicles that have the potential to run for many years as long as they are properly maintained. That is why we are here for you!

Our technicians here at GPO are all ASE-certified. They know the correct repair procedure to repair or maintenance your Audi. We perform all of the standard repairs, like brake pad and transmission repair. We also do more Audi-specific repairs like oil consumption issues, electrical repairs and transmission replacements on the A4, Q5, and the A6.

When you’re are on the lookout for someone to take care of all of your Audi services, maintenance and repair needs you will want to come to us first. We will keep your vehicle performing at optimum levels and to take care of your investment. You don’t want to hesitate to contact us and make an appointment to stop in. Don’t take the chance and risk the safety of your vehicle with any other technician. You won’t find Audi mechanics in the Nashville area and you won’t find anyone to match our Audi knowledge.



We’re the shop you need. When you need it.

GPO tuning is the premier performance tuning specialist. From repairs, maintenance to advanced performance tuning, GPO Tuning can do it all. Our team of technicians have a mix of factory training, ASE Certifications, and Technical School training and have over 100 years of combined experience. With advanced certifications and factory trained mechanics, you can be assured that GPO Tuning has what it takes to take care of your Performance Tuning.


Directions to GPO(German Performance Tuning) Nashville


GPO Tuning
1227 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN 37210
Open Monday – Fridays 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: (615) 248-9466


Finding the right Performance Tuning Auto Repair Shop


GPO tuning is the most easily accessible performance tuning repair shop in Nashville. It’s right by Lebanon Pike, just near a goodyear commercial tire & service centers. It is in close proximity to the city side flats and the sycamore terrace retirement community. GPO tuning is also conveniently located just 7.5 miles from Nashville international airport – that’s just 11 minutes away with fair traffic conditions.

Directions to GPO Performance Tuning From Downtown Nashville:


From downtown Nashville you can reach GPO tuning by getting on on the I-40, Head southwest on Church St heading towards Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd, you then make a left turn onto 14th Ave N and Use the left lane to merge onto I-40 E/I-65 Svia the ramp to Knoxville/Huntsville. From there,follow I-40 E to Rundle Ave. Take exit 212 from I-40 E.  Then, you merge onto I-40 E/I-65 S, Remember to keep left at the fork to continue on I-40 E, follow signs for I-24 E/Knoxville/Chattanooga after that Keep right to stay on I-40 E. You can then take the exit 212 toward Fesslers Ln then use the left lane to keep left at the fork and merge onto Rundle Ave then Turn left onto Fesslers Ln, keep going straight then Turn right onto Lebanon Pike. keep going past Calvary cemetery, and you can find GPO tuning to your right – between AES services and Link automotive services and parts.

Directions to GPO Tuning Performance Tuning Car Repair From Nashville International Airport


Follow Terminal Dr to I-40 W

  1. Head southeast on BNA Arriving Flightstoward Terminal Dr
  2. Use any lane to turn slightly left onto Terminal Dr
  3. Continue straight to stay on Terminal Dr
  4. Keep left to stay on Terminal Dr

Merge onto I-40 W

  1. Take exit 213 for Spence Ln toward US-705/US-41
  2. Turn right onto Spence Ln
  3. Turn left onto Lebanon Pike
  4. GPO tuning should be on your left just past Bandago Van Rental

Google Reviews

“I had GPO create and install a custom Stage 3 upgrade for my 2013 S8. Corey and the rest of the GPO team involved did an amazing job and I can’t recommend them highly enough. My car is now substantially faster and more reliable thanks to GPO’s knowledge of my car and its engine. If you want an alternative to the dealership for service or a unique opportunity to get your German car tuned professionally, this is the place to go in the Nashville area.” – Matt Gordon

“Shawn and crew were wonderful to work with. I had quite a few things done being my first time and buying a used car, and I believed the price was reasonable and extremely happy with the service. More importantly though was the customer interaction. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and you could tell they car about their cars and their work. As a non-car guy it’s so important to trust your mechanic because I just have no knowledge and would have to go along with whatever they said, but you can tell immediately this group is trustworthy and want to do what’s right and best by you. They explained some options I had moving forward with tune ups and I will absolutely be back!” – Gabe King

“I had such a great experience. I have a 70’s Super Beetle that needed some work done. When I found out that Nick was an air cooled mechanic I knew I found the right shop. He did excellent work, took his time, and made my bug run so well. I will definitely recommend them! Their pricing is fair and shop is clean. I have nothing negative to say.” – Thejoeloy

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  1. Get on I-65 N from Murfreesboro Rd.
  2. Continue on I-65 N to Nashville.
  3. Take Exit 212 from I-40 E.
  4. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.


  1. Get on TN-386 S from Main St.
  2. Follow TN-386 S to Rundle Ave.
  3. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.


  1. Get on I-40 E from Coley Davis Rd.
  2. Follow I-40 E to Rundle Ave.
  3. Take Exit 212 from I-40 E.
  4. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.


  1. Get on I-65 N from Church St E.
  2. Follow I-65 N & I-40 E to Rundle Ave.
  3. Take Exit 212 from I-40 E.
  4. Follow Fesslers Ln. to Lebanon Pike.

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