There are dozens of vehicle manufacturers with cars, trucks, and SUVs traversing the roads of Music City every day. Each one of these vehicles was built to precise specifications and, as such, requires a technician with knowledge of that brand. When you need VW repair, Nashville-based GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) has you covered with industry-certified technicians and the latest diagnostic tools to get you back up and running.

Why use a VW repair shop?

It does not matter what brand of vehicle you drive, it is important to locate a mechanic shop that has experience with what’s under your hood. GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) specializes in German-manufactured vehicles and can provide top-notch VW repair. Our Nashville shop can save you time and money because our technicians have undergone specialized training directly from the manufacturer. 

One of our Volkswagen specialists, Gene, has been certified by VW since 2009 and has expertise in everything from hybrid technologies to the engine and chassis. Dennis, who has been with GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) since 2015, holds Electrical Certification from Volkswagen Academy. Both worked at VW dealers before moving their toolboxes into our garage.

Cheaper isn’t always better

When you’re looking for VW repair in Nashville, cost is probably one of your main concerns. However, if you think that you’re going to save money by popping into a one-hour oil change place, you may be wrong. Volkswagens and other imports, such as Porsche and BMW, are fine-tuned, precision-built machines. There are risks associated with having even simple maintenance performed, and something as simple as an oil change gone wrong can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs later on.

Instead of looking at just price, most vehicle owners are better served by looking at the reputation, capabilities, and expertise of their preferred maintenance and service center. There are many factors that go into pricing any type of repair, and especially when you’re dealing with an import. An inexperienced automotive service provider may not be familiar with all the subtle nuances of the brand. 

The difference experience makes

When your service technician has been factory-certified, they are intimately familiar with all of your vehicle’s systems. They receive hands-on training and have a unique opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the people who actually make the cars. A factory-certified technician can quickly diagnose problems and create a repair plan that will put your vehicle back on the road, and you will never have to worry about who had their hands under your hood. Because we specialize in German-made cars, GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) stands behind our VW repairs. Nashville car owners have trusted us for 16 years and know that quality service is a car’s best friend. 

GPO Tuning(German Performance Options) offers VW repair in Nashville and proudly services customers from all over Middle Tennessee.

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